Sharing Quality Messages – Nutbrook Networking Launch

Today I launch the next step on my mission is to share information about quality and safety in healthcare. As a result of starting my own business and looking into new opportunities I discovered networking events. These are not conferences but much smaller events where you can meet more people and swap contact  or social media details.  There is always some way of  introducing participants and giving them an opportunity to talk , which is great for those people who find it difficult to open conversations.  I started to realise how much you can learn from these informal events and wondered if it was something that would work in the healthcare sector.  As it doesn’t matter whether you are in a maternity unit, a busy ward, an outpatient clinic or a care home, giving quality care and keeping our patients safe is always a priority. I believe there is alot we could learn from each other, if only we had the opportunity.

To encourage more health and social care professionals to network and share experiences I am very excited to be introducing Nutbrook Networking.

The launch event will be held on Thursday 14th June 2018 in Leicester from 10am until 1pm. It is designed for anyone working in healthcare, social care or a health charity but will those working in governance, quality and safety will find it most useful. It will be followed by a light lunch so you can either rush off back to work or stay a little longer and enjoy lunch. We will have a couple of speakers, this event is as much  about learning from each other as listening to speakers

As this is the launch event, there is no charge so you can try it out and see if it is for you.

Booking is through Eventbrite


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